Tips for a Good Handshake

handshake isolated on business background

The quality of your handshake conveys a message about you. Get the tips.

Did you know that you can be judged by the quality of your handshake?
Did you also know that Handshakes are the acceptable physical contact for men & women in the business arena?

According to Etiquette International, handshakes are the universally accepted business greeting. Hugs and kisses they post, are taboo in the business arena.
A proper handshake:

  • is firm, but not bone-crushing
  • lasts about 3 seconds
  • may be “pumped” once or twice from the elbow
  • is released after the shake, even if the introduction continues
  • includes good eye contact with the other person

When to extend a hand:

  • when meeting someone for the first time
  • when meeting someone you haven’t seen for a while
  • when greeting your host(ess)
  • when greeting guests
  • when saying good-bye to people at a gathering
  • when someone else extends a hand

Avoid giving a cold, wet handshake.

Please share your views , or knowledge if you have a contrary opinion concerning any of the points raised in this article.

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