Facts about Blackberry users that you need know

New Blackberry Curve 8900

This humour on BlackBerry users will brighten your day

There are categories of BBM users. Find out which box you or your contacts fall into.

1.the cool ones.com = This set of contacts love fun. They are regular broadcasters of funny stuff.

2 the On-lookers.com = Trust this group. All they do is check out your profile, your DP, your status message, save pics and that’s the end.

3.the tafia.com = Beware of this set. When these ones check out your profile, they respond by asking you lots of  ‘JAMB’ questions like,  ‘who is this gal\guy?, ‘where did you take this pic?’, ‘where did you buy that top from …

4.the ghosts.com = These dudes/chics never reply, they hardly communicate or change their DP . Advice: From time to time you need to check their “pulse” to confirm they’re still alive

5. the off &ons.com = These are some of their signature tunes: nah,How far?,I dey,-K, lol,Kk,…  That’s the end of the conversation untill the next 3 months.

6.the jobless.com= These ones change their DP and status messages every 5 mins. They will copy and broadcast the same messages you sent them, back to you, instead of to other contacts on their BBM!

7. the Lamentators.com = This set, you can write a book about them from their messages… “dis is my month IJN”, “ah God save me from my boss”,  “I need money to renew my BB ooo”, “Traffic is mad on my street”. “I just crossed Oshodi express way”,  “One of my nails just broke today”, “dats my mummy” …

9. the lovers.com = These are the people that won’t let us rest. It’s all about their BF or GF, ‘I luv u baby’,’I miss u’,’I want u now’, ‘Last night was sweet’

10. the Fakes.com (a.k.a liers.com) = “dem go put wetin dem no be”.  “Dem go put gals or guys pics wey dem no fit date as Dp” , “dem go display food wey dem not fit chop”, “dem dey badagry but their area code dey read Amsterdam”,…

11. the wor~wor.com = These chics are so ugly yet, they form hard-to-get

So where do you belong, or sorry, your contacts.

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