A Boy Born Laughing

you laughed so hard you cried?
you laughed so hard you cried? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally, babies cry at birth, but, strangely this boy was born laughing.

The more the midwives beat him, the harder he laughed. Suddenly, the doctor noticed he was clutching on something. He pulled his tiny hands apart and Wow!, Pills!, Abortion pills!!
At this point in time, the baby turned to his mother, gave a grin as if expressing, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”

Funny as a joke but then, we all have gone though experiences like this.  The truth is that someone had wished you dead at some point in time in your life.  If not for God’s mercies, you could have been CONSUMED.

Why not bow in your heart in honour and appreciation to God whose mercies daily spare you. You may say this prayer:

“Dear Father, I thank you for your Love, mercies and protection over my life. I acknowledge your grace; receive my thanksgiving in Jesus name. Amen Lord”

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