Virginity: Then and Now

Purity (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Once upon a time, twas a serious offence punishable by stoning to death, if a young woman was NOT found a virgin on her wedding night. Deut 22:13-22

Today, apparently, it seems common for teenagers to taste apples.


Whatever it is, it’s important to note that there are still young men and women who have chosen to keep chaste, a stand that pays Now and After.

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2 thoughts on “Virginity: Then and Now

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  1. Virginity is for both male and female.
    If you made it to marriage a virgin Gods grace.
    For the unmarried it pays to remain pure. Its possible and many are doing. In marriage, the most important thing is to faithful to your. partner. Many are. Don’t believe when they say ‘it’s not possible’…Yagazi

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