The Two Sides of the Number Line: understanding a nagging woman

Why actually would a woman call her husband “useless man” ? Let’s answer this question with a simple illustration.

If a man currently has 5 oranges but owes 14 oranges, how many oranges does he have in effect?  The answer is  -9. That is, he’s still in deficit of 9 oranges if he pays back the 5 he currently has.

That simply means, as long as what he owes outweighs what he pays back, in effect, he is still in deficit. This is a general truth. This is the lesson of the Number Line.

The number line is actually a mathematical lingo but its application transcends money and numbers, it encompasses the affairs of life.  

Now from our illustration, when a woman yells at her husband “useless man” That may not really mean he’s useless, of course not, rather, that statement is an indication that as at that point in time, the woman feels that the man’s deficit or the ugly side of the man outweighs his good side. She’s just using her emotional scale. (smiles)

That nagging woman may not necessarily be a bad woman but may just be difficult to satisfy or in her emotional scale, the man’s good sides hardly measures up to his bad sides.

Anyway beyond jokes, always work hard to ensure your Positives outweigh your Negatives. It is a secret that keeps one winning.

Enjoy the rest of your day. And if you like this article, please share it.

written by Chibueze Odigbo

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