Values – those principles that guide behaviour

Values and Virtues
Values and Virtues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you at times wondered why you behave the way you do?

Think about your VALUES . They are most probably the reason(s) why you do what you do or behave the way you do.  Some call it ethical values, others call it moral principles.

What are Values?

VALUES are like filters,  they determine what is acceptable to you or not. whatever comes out of  your mouth or manifests in your behaviour depends on what your values have allowed to pass  or not to pass.

For instance:

If you value Justice — you will not oppress others and you will tend to dislike oppressors

If you value friendship — you’ll be tend to be forgiving

If you value Truth — you will not lie against another and you will not want to associate with people that lie

If you value good health,  you’ll be mindful of what you eat

If you value Peace of mind,  you’d want to stay away from trouble etc

Values  are those principles that guide our actions and inactions. 


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