Fighting cancer with cell phones

Twas Albert Einstein that said: “For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.”

It’s interesting to note, answers to some seemingly complex problems are actually simple solutions. 

Undoubtedly, healthcare challenges exist in the 21st century Africa. It is on record that more than 50,000 women still die each year of cervical cancer.

The problem is exacerbated by an acute shortage of medical experts and a lack of quality screening services, especially in rural areas.

But here comes a simple idea-solution:  now a group of Canadian and Tanzanian health innovators have joined forces to apply simple and safe mobile technologies to improve cervical cancer screening. And what is this solution?

The idea is to send teams of two trained non-physician healthcare workers in remote Tanzania to examine women living several hours away from health centers. The nurses, who will be equipped with cervical screening and treatment tools as well as standard smartphones, will take a photograph of the cervix with their phone and send it via SMS to a medical expert in a specialized clinic.

Trained doctors will then be able to review the image immediately and text the diagnosis back to the health worker, as well as give instructions about treatment.  SIMPLE & INEXPENSIVE !!!

The message is, solutions need not be complex or expensive.  The solution you’ve been searching for might just be simpler than you think. Think about it!

Culled from CNN.

Following is a  Touching Cancer Story


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