Affordable Luxuries

Luxury Yacht Haida G

Luxuries are not necessarily expensive things, you can afford to enjoy luxuries everyday.

There is a saying that goes thus: “Best things of life are free” – that’s a true one. Think of the air that sustains your breath, think of the beautiful nature-given sunshine.  According to the Collins dictionary, one of the definitions of luxury is,  “something pleasant and satisfying”

That means,  luxury doesn’t necessarily need to be sumptuous, expensive or magnificient!  Something simple can be pleasant and satisying.

The little everyday luxuries can be as simple as: Singing in the shower, clutching a clean fluffy pillow, holding a loved one, walking bare feet on soft clean carpet, having a massage, hearing birds in the morning, … et cetera. Think of the list.  Who says you cant enjoy luxuries everyday?

Search, things pleasant and satisfying are all around you

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