Unaware of pregnancy, British soldier delivers on battle line

After reading this post, indeed you’ll agree with me that many of issues of life are not real but a reflection of the state of the mind. 

In this real-life story, British soldier who did not realize she was pregnant gave birth to a baby in the battle field.
English: British Soldier with Lee Enfield (Tak...
English: British Soldier with Lee Enfield (Taken in Beltring, England) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not military policy to allow service women to deploy on operations if they are pregnant. But in this instance,  the woman herself was unaware of the pregnancy.

According to The Mail, the artillery gunner had conceived before her six-month stint in Afghanistan began. Her pre-deployment training included an eight mile (13 km) march and five mile run. Her job in the field involved providing covering fire for troops fighting insurgents.

She was taken to the field hospital after complaining of stomach pains and was informed by doctors that she was about to give birth, the Mail said, citing military sources. And she later gave birth to a baby boy.

she was unaware of her pregnancy and hence lived her normal military life, NO ANTENATAL whatsoever !

What does this suggest to you?

Watch this clip on World Strongest Women

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