Joyce Meyer on: Ways to Keep the devil under Your Feet

Year 2~Day 59 +030/366: Gift from Secret Pal (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

It is no news, the devil has no good intentions for anyone. And interestingly, he’ll be around for a while, so, we’ll all have to learn to ‘manage’ him. Read on

He (the devil) may attack you or try to hurt you, but  a true child of God has got everything superior to keep him under feet.

Consider and remember these proven ways, as put together by Joyce Meyer.

  1. Remain calm and peaceful thru life’s storm
  2. Submit yourself to God
  3. Spend time with God – in devotion, in prayers
  4. Watch your mouth
  5. Walk in love
  6. Speak the word and promises of God into your life
  7. Halt and Conquer negative thoughts
  8. Be alert, pray always

Remember, God has already won our every battle and has given His own everything needed to keep the devil in place. Walk in this victory.


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