Discovery of HIV Cure


HIV Swine Flu mask
HIV Swine Flu mask (Photo credit: craftivist collective)

United Nations health agencies have on March 6th 2013, acknowledged a functional cure for the dreaded monster – HIV.

How certain is this solution?

The test was scientifically and functionally successful on an infected baby treated in the first months of her life.

Functionally successful means, that blood samples taken after treatment showed undetectable HIV levels and no HIV-specific antibodies.

How long did the treatment last?

About 2 years

Is this drug/treatment effective on adults?

This particular treatment has not been tested on adults but raises hopes on success.

What are the best known ‘solutions’ to this disease called HIV?

let’s remember, the best known protection from the disease have remained:

  • Abstinence – for unmarried people and
  • Faithfulness to partner – for married people

Reference: The Guardian March 7 2013 page 5

Watch Clip: Hydeia Broadbent talks about growing up with HIV/AIDS

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