Original Naija Gist: Folake and Gbenga

My friend
My friend (Photo credit: Scarleth White)

This is a hilarious encounter between Gbenga and Folake, an original Naija gist, narrated by Gbenga himself.

Folake came to Lagos on a visit. She asked me for the 10k I promised her.

I  told her  I was on my way to Benin but offered her to take my ATM card and withdraw all she wanted . (knowing fully well that I had less than 3k in the account)

She was excited at this and jumped and kissed me.  I quickly left the house knowing she will return crying.

Shortly after I left the house, Deji my friend called me  saying, ” Gbenga, thanks a lot I’ve paid the 80k back into your account”. Mheeeen, see sweat!
I tried calling Folake but her phone, switched off. Next thing, debit alerts: 40k, 40k, even 2k. Next thing I knew, I found myself in a hospital bed. Now they are asking me what happened?

But what will I say???

Have  a good laff

Enjoy and share: http://wp.me/p2wuZZ-P8


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