Medical Laboratory Errors: the devastation they bring

HIV Swine Flu mask
Swine Flu mask (Photo credit: craftivist collective)

Wrong and erroneous Medical diagnostics are real and have done untold damage to lives and relationships.
Read about this seemingly simple piece of advise which can save lives or heal homes.

I have seen people traumatized and dejected by laboratory results which were wrong in the first instance.

I have seen lives devastated by erroneous medical diagnostic.

I have seen a home tear apart just because one of the couples was wrongly diagnosed as HIV positive.

There are several cases where couples supposedly not AS-AS, giving birth to SS child. The lab result had lied leaving such marriages wounded.

Some have had blood transfusion or pregnancy complications because their Blood Group or Rhesus factor was wrongly diagnosed.

If these are true, what then is this simple advice  worth heeding?

(1) It’s strongly advisable to patronize reputable medical laboratories.

(2) When that laboratory test matters, it’s good to SEEK A SECOND OPINION

Share this little piece of information with family and friends. You may be saving a life or restoring peace to a home. The shortlink is:

WATCH CLIP: Airplane Landing Error


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