This Baby was Rescued From the Sewage Pipe Alive!

This is wonderful!  This baby was flushed in the toilet by his 22 year old mother and was rescued in the sewage pipe alive!

This hard-to-believe story of survival is made headlines across the globe .

This story of survival is unusual and amazing!  It reminds me of some names: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – men whom death could not swallow.

In my native language, this child could be named “Nwa kere ndu”, meaning, a child destined to live!

I am reminded that the days of miracle indeed are still with us; I’m also reminded that the destinies of men differ.

How many children can possibly survive the torture and travail this child went through?





This story and pictures were sourced from the CNN. It is a true life story that happened in East China in May 2013.



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