the Tiny Giants of the Rain Forest

Tiny beetles fell a Sequoia, the largest tree on earth. What a paradox!


The temperate rain forests of the United States around the coast of northern California  are home to special breed of redwood trees called the SEQUOIA. (You remember the Toyota car named Sequoia?)

Scientists regard the Sequoia tree as the largest tree on earth. A Sequoia grows up to 380 feet high, so big that a tunnel was once made in one of them and cars could drive through. Sequoia redwood is also not known to rot. Waoh !  Indeed this is a special breed of tree.  But something strange happened sometime ago.

It happened that a  Sequoia fell over, but it wasn’t a strong wind or human action that got it bowing. What happened ?  When scientists investigated the incident, they found many tiny tunnels eaten through by beetles.

Now let’s draw a mental picture here: about five beetles will fit into an adult’s palm; but a Sequoia  is so big that cars can drive thru a tunnel made in it. The little giants have fallen the gigantic giant. What a paradox!

I think the beetles in this story are like “the little foxes that spoil the vine”;  those little things that make mess of otherwise great things or people.
Reading this makes me tell my mind NOT to allow those seemingly little things that can mock me. How do you see it?

Watch this documentary on the power of ants:

This is the shortlink to this article


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