a Peep into the Phone book of an Ibo market woman

English: Woman with cigarette and phone

Sometimes, you don’t want to know the names you go by in people’s phone books.

That is to say, you don’t need to hear everything people say behind you, else, you may hurt your own feelings.


Check this out. Ibo folk will particularly enjoy this one. It’s the phonebook of an Ibo market woman. Have fun!

Names are saved like this:
1.Charles Garri

2. Ngozi Tomato
3.Ifeoma Abacha
4.Nkechi Oporo
5.Obinna Anu Nchi
6.Tony Afo Anu
7.Mama Obioma Mangala
8.Uche Azu Ndu
9.Tony Beans
10.Obisike Okporoko
11.Nkem Okpa
12.Ndidi Ogiri Okpei Nsukka
13.Felix Kanda
14.Adaora Oso Nsukka
15.Emeka Anu Ewu.
16.Philo Achicha Ede
17.Chioma Ukwa
18. Uchechi Ugba
19. Chekwube Anu Jackie &
20. Uchenna Toro Toro.


Watch this short documentary about Ibo People

Here is the shortlink to this post:  http://wp.me/p2wuZZ-Kh


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