20 Must Have Wedding Pictures

A bride and a groom kiss.

I love photography. I love preserving pleasant memories. Here is a list of 20 must-have wedding pictures.

If you are about to wed, it will be nice you discuss this with your photographer ahead of time and if you are on the other side, (hahaha), just cross check if you’ve got these collections.
  1. Dressing Up shots
  2. Grand entrance into your wedding venue
  3. Wrapped in your veil
  4. During the Vows
  5. Enthusiastic First Kiss
  6. a display of love and affection
  7. With Your Marriage Licence
  8. All Smiles
  9. In His Arms
  10. Something dramatic: like a Dip on the Dance Floor
  11. Your Reception Entrance
  12. Showing Off Your Shoes
  13. Showing Off Your rings
  14. Bride alone
  15. Groom alone
  16. Bride and Groom with Attendees
  17. Something Creative
  18. In Your Own World on a Busy area
  19. A Private Moment Post-Ceremony
  20. Stepping into your matrimonial home

Must Have wedding pictures
Exciting moment
Must Have wedding pictures

Must Have wedding pictures



Photo Credit: Henry_McKendry Becky_Brown et al


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