The Prophetic Side of Orji Uzor Kalu

“Is Saul also among the prophets?” or rather, Is Orji Uzor Kalu also among the prophets?

i weep for Nigeria article

To many, Orji Uzor Kalu is a politician, to some he is a businessman but there is this other aspect of him that is little known. I really was surprised to learn of this myself –  that’s the prophetic side of O.U.K as he’s fondly called by admirers.

I could not hold my breath as I read his October 19 edition of ‘KALU LEADERSHIP SERIES’ titled  ” I weep for Nigeria (1)”

Hear him:

“My pain is caused by so many factors. Where do we start?
Is it the corrupt public officers, who have stolen our nation blind, or students who have failed to go to school and learn? …”

He continues: “We acquire wealth with mindless greed. For whom I ask? Probably, we amass all the wealth for generations of our descendants unborn? What foolery! “The much we have done for our nation is to pillage and steal its resources. We conspire to loot the treasury, connive with foreign elements to sabotage it …”

He’s still venting, or rather, prophesying now: “Those who acquire wealth to the detriment of the peoples welfare are nothing but fools because the money they accumulate will be eaten by termites. Have they not heard about the rich fool? Some day we will be asked question about our stewardship on earth. Does power no longer belong to God?”

He goes ahead to underscore his ‘prophesy’ with scripture:  “Each time I watch some of our leaders, I remember Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. The sad truth is that they do not learn from the sad ends of past autocratic leaders. Were we all not witnesses to the fate that befell Idi amin, Mobutu Seseko and Pinochet? We saw how they fell like ordinary men. That is the transience of power. ..”   I weep for Nigeria

OMG!  I didn’t know this side of O.U.K  –  the Bible and prophetic side. It’s really surprising or  rather, exciting to hear him speak like this and these are my reasons:

  1. O.U.K is not known as a scholar but he’s against students failing to go to school. May be he desired to be a scholar but circumstances did not permit.
  2. O.U.K is believed to be very wealthy of which a good chunk of his wealth is alleged to have been amassed thru corrupt means. It therefore makes it quite hard to reconcile this perception and his hatred for corruption in his writing being referenced.
  3. I didn’t know this great man has so much regard for the power of God considering allegations of fetish  involvements with his mother during his period as governor of Abia State.

This is really interesting to me. One lesson I take home from this is, never you judge any man. You just may not be too sure of what’s going on in the inside.

Reference to Saturday Sun Oct 19, 2013


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