The miracle of “One moment, and the Next …”

The miracles of Jesus are astonishing and this unpopular one is really amazing!

It is called the miracle of “suddenly”. I’m sure you’ve heard of men who turned legitimate millionaires overnight.
Have there not been men who left home as mere men but returned same day as heroes? Or haven’t we seen men who were servants yesterday, but today they are masters? That is the miracle of “one moment, and the next …”. It talks about a sudden good outcome.


Jesus has this record of being a master in this matter. The account in John 6 is a typical example; In this account, by reason of Jesus presence, a boat that still needed to be rowed some miles  to the sea shore suddenly and miraculously arrived the sea shore within a twinkling of the eye. What a miracle! Read the account yourself – Matt 6. Notice , it was in this account that Jesus walked on the sea.

Jesus is a miracle worker. And suddenly, He changes the story of men. And the good news is, the days of miracle are still here because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Haleluyah!


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