The Emerging Dragon: Chinese economy

chinese and the dragon dance

Foreign policy experts have predicted that the Chinese economy will soon emerge as the world’s biggest economy and the mightiest power on the planet after America.


And how long has America been in power?
The Americans have had global dominance and supremacy for the past half-century.

And what does this portend for your favorite brands from America?
Well according to Harvard Business Review, tea and dim sum will not likely replace coke, but most likely, western brands will be under Chinese ownership. More to say, the Chinese will call the shots.

Interesting , isnt it? This really reminds me of a proverb in my mother tongue that says, “O nweghi onye naniya na-ano n’uzo chi-ejie” meaning, kings come and go, no human remains a master forever.

And back to the topic, what comes to your mind to hear that China may soon emerge as the next mightiest world power?


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