Why God is Patient

To mortal men, 100 years is a long time;

To the immortal and everlasting God, a century is like a fleeting second.

immortality 4 SS Immortality_by_rblee83


Lessons from Peloponnese

Men who oppress the ‘seemingly’ less-privileged lack understanding; In fact, there is no sense of history in them.

Remember ’twas such aggression that provoked the Spartans into war with Athens. In the end, Athens could not finish what it had stirred up.


a Quote on Reputation

“It takes MANY GOOD DEEDS to build a good reputation, and ONLY ONE BAD ONE to lose it”

– Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

It’s in human nature to forget the very many good deeds you have done in the past but to judge you based on the present mistake. Hmmn!

That simply means, we need to live circumspectly. But then, isn’t it harsh to judge a fellow man based on just his present folly?

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