Your Hero was once like a Failure

Life isn’t really about what you couldn’t do so far, it’s rather more about WHAT YOU CAN STILL ACHIEVE!

Successful people who once looked like failures
Many of the heroes you know once looked like failures

The men you revere today as heroes (like Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Lionel Messi, Tony Blair, Ben Carson etc) once had challenges that made them look like failures. You don’t have to quit, that’s not how your hero made it. Heroes dont quit. Listen to what some of them have to say:

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Same-Sex marriage: the silent message

If as awkward as it is, that a man will prefer to have sex with another man,

If as unnatural as it is, that a woman will be sexually attracted to another woman,

If as strange as it is, that a man will go into a little girl child instead of a mature woman

Then tell me, if some people’s brain chemicals find sexual attraction in these awkward cases, then what makes you think that there aren’t people who will trip for the natural you, no matter how awkward you think your spec is?  –  small breasts, balloon breasts, skinny legs, fat laps, straight hips, dark lips, flat bums, hairy chest, big head, small nose, whatever!

man-to-man marriage picture

woman to woman marriage picture
gay marriage
unholy marriage


a Lesson Professor taught his MBBS Students

 Life at times, may be tough, but it’s a lot tougher when one is not paying attention.
Finger binary

Some group of 1st year students of MBBS were attending their first anatomy class.
They all gathered around the surgery table. On the table was a real dead man.
The Professor started the class by telling them two important qualities of a doctor.
The 1st is, NEVER BE DISGUSTED FOR ANYTHING ABOUT THE BODY. As an example, he inserted a finger into the dead man’s anus and tasted it in his own mouth.

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Signs of the End of Time: refresh your memory

rapture (Photo credit: ChuckHolton)

Now this is the final thing  as written in Matthew 24:14  –  “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”.

Read the full account of the signs of the end time according to Mathew 24

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The Great Aristotle of Greece


There lived a great man named Aristotle of Greece. He laid a great foundation for today’s exploits. Read a few things about this legend.

Did you know, Aristotle was a student of Plato and in turn, he (Aristotle) tutored the famous king,  Alexander the Great?
Aristotle was, and remains a great man. He is a man of many parts: he studied many subjects possible at the time and made significant contributions. His writings cover many subjects, including physics,  poetry, theater, music,  rhetorics, linguistics, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology.
According to Wikipedia, Aristotle is one of the most important founding figures in Western philosophy. His writings were the first to create a comprehensive system of Western philosophy, encompassing morality (virtue ethics), aesthetics, logic, science, politics, and metaphysics.

Interestingly, Aristotle, means “the best purpose”. Unfortunately, in some environments, Aristotle shortened as ARISTO is a word used in a negative sense, the sugar-daddy relationships. But in truth, Aristotle is a good name which also stands for great achievements.


Watch this BBC Review: Why Are So Many Great Men Short?

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The discovery of the Frozen Food Industry – A case of serendipity

Red Raspberry Fruits / Ice Frozen Food in Winter
Red Raspberry Fruits / Ice Frozen Food in Winter (Photo credit:

Sources of Inspiration are all around us. Nature is particularly a good teacher. Twas nature that sparked the genesis of the frozen food industry.


It all happened when Clarence Birdseye took a vacation in Canada and saw some Salmon that had been naturally frozen in the ice and then thawed. When they were cooked he noticed how fresh they tasted. He borrowed the idea and the mighty frozen food industry was born.

Be conscious of the lessons nature brings,  for such could be clue to the next good thing that happens to your world, to our world!

Watch this video on 10 Accidental Discoveries

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Interpretations and Misinterpretations

At times, Certain things look differently depending on which side you approach them. The following story gives a vivid illustration of this fact.

There was a certain worker who had the privilege of working in an organization that paid allowance to employee children.

After some time, this practice got expensive and management decided to hold a review meeting. In the course of the argument that ensued in the board room, this man got up and said, “Children are a gift from God therefore and there is nothing wrong in my having as many as come”  This position got the goats of this other lady who countered and said, “Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much, we wear raincoats”.

Hmmn!  Such an interesting argument. What do you think? 

Watch these funny kids Argue:

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Words that Heal better than Medicine

Literature and Medicine

These Words are potent. They might just be the medicine you need!

“When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.” — Helen Keller
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Les Brown
“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” — Aristotle
“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” — Lauren Bacall
“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.”– Oliver Wendell Holmes
“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” — Vince Lombardi
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” — Albert Einstein
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson
“We must become the change we want to see.” — Gandhi
“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” — Phillip Brooks
“Whatever you are, be a good one.” — Abraham Lincoln

Eat these words. They have in them the potency to change your world. Share them too with people you care about.

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the Tiny Giants of the Rain Forest

Tiny beetles fell a Sequoia, the largest tree on earth. What a paradox!


The temperate rain forests of the United States around the coast of northern California  are home to special breed of redwood trees called the SEQUOIA. (You remember the Toyota car named Sequoia?)

Scientists regard the Sequoia tree as the largest tree on earth. A Sequoia grows up to 380 feet high, so big that a tunnel was once made in one of them and cars could drive through. Sequoia redwood is also not known to rot. Waoh !  Indeed this is a special breed of tree.  But something strange happened sometime ago.

It happened that a  Sequoia fell over, but it wasn’t a strong wind or human action that got it bowing. What happened ?  When scientists investigated the incident, they found many tiny tunnels eaten through by beetles.

Now let’s draw a mental picture here: about five beetles will fit into an adult’s palm; but a Sequoia  is so big that cars can drive thru a tunnel made in it. The little giants have fallen the gigantic giant. What a paradox!

I think the beetles in this story are like “the little foxes that spoil the vine”;  those little things that make mess of otherwise great things or people.
Reading this makes me tell my mind NOT to allow those seemingly little things that can mock me. How do you see it?

Watch this documentary on the power of ants:

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This Baby was Rescued From the Sewage Pipe Alive!

This is wonderful!  This baby was flushed in the toilet by his 22 year old mother and was rescued in the sewage pipe alive!

This hard-to-believe story of survival is made headlines across the globe .

This story of survival is unusual and amazing!  It reminds me of some names: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – men whom death could not swallow.

In my native language, this child could be named “Nwa kere ndu”, meaning, a child destined to live!

I am reminded that the days of miracle indeed are still with us; I’m also reminded that the destinies of men differ.

How many children can possibly survive the torture and travail this child went through?





This story and pictures were sourced from the CNN. It is a true life story that happened in East China in May 2013.


No two days are same!

Unique (Photo credit: Rainbowfly)

The days may look alike but no two days are the same. Today could be the tomorrow you hoped for!

There is this inspiring  real life story in the Bible recorded in John 5: 1-9. Tis  written of a MAN in NEED, a cripple who laid by a pool called Bethesda in Jerusalem.  Long had he been in this situation. He desired the miracle of healing associated with the pool of Bethesda. Days passed by, weeks passed by, years passed by!

The days, probably,would had begun to look the same to him but then, another day also came, a day that looked like the days he had seen but oops, no two days are same! This day turned out to be the best day of his life. His miracle came and he could walk again.

The message is simple, never lose faith, never lose hope, never despair, the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. This could be the day you’ve so waited for. No two days are the same!

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Affordable Luxuries

Luxury Yacht Haida G

Luxuries are not necessarily expensive things, you can afford to enjoy luxuries everyday.

There is a saying that goes thus: “Best things of life are free” – that’s a true one. Think of the air that sustains your breath, think of the beautiful nature-given sunshine.  According to the Collins dictionary, one of the definitions of luxury is,  “something pleasant and satisfying”

That means,  luxury doesn’t necessarily need to be sumptuous, expensive or magnificient!  Something simple can be pleasant and satisying.

The little everyday luxuries can be as simple as: Singing in the shower, clutching a clean fluffy pillow, holding a loved one, walking bare feet on soft clean carpet, having a massage, hearing birds in the morning, … et cetera. Think of the list.  Who says you cant enjoy luxuries everyday?

Search, things pleasant and satisfying are all around you

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Interesting Facts: Did You Know?

Did you know lemons contain more sugar than strawberries?


Left hand writing the German word "Linksh...
Left hand writing the German word “Linkshänder” (left handed). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Did you know August has the highest percentage of births?
  • Did you know most lipsticks contain fish scales?
  • Did you know about 11% of people are left-handed?
  • Did you know an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain
  • Did you know the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds?

“Did You Know?”  is a series that runs on this blog.  Follow it, Enjoy it!

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