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“It’s my life”  – a slogan that breeds decadence!

What do you think?

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Same-Sex marriage: the Silent Message

If as awkward as it is, that a man will prefer to have sex with another man,

If as unnatural as it is, that a woman will be sexually attracted to another woman,

If as strange as it is, that a man will go into a little girl child instead of a mature woman

Then tell me, if some people’s brain chemicals find sexual attraction in these awkward cases, then what makes you think that there aren’t people who will trip for the natural you, no matter how awkward you think your spec is?  –  small breasts, balloon breasts, skinny legs, fat laps, straight hips, dark lips, flat bums, hairy chest, big head, small nose, whatever!

Just think about it.

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The Emerging Dragon: Chinese Economy

chinese and the dragon dance

Foreign policy experts have predicted that the Chinese economy will soon emerge as the world’s biggest economy and the mightiest power on the planet after America.


And how long has America been in power?
The Americans have had global dominance and supremacy for the past half-century.

And what does this portend for your favorite brands from America?
Well according to Harvard Business Review, tea and dim sum will not likely replace coke, but most likely, western brands will be under Chinese ownership. More to say, the Chinese will call the shots.

Interesting , isnt it? This really reminds me of a proverb in my mother tongue that says, “O nweghi onye naniya na-ano n’uzo chi-ejie” meaning, kings come and go, no human remains a master forever.

And back to the topic, what comes to your mind to hear that China may soon emerge as the next mightiest world power?

Why We Lack Good Infrastructure in Nigeria

Take a look at that newspaper frontpage  headline. It conveys two important facts:
  1. the eyesore state of many of Nigeria’s national structures
  2. the cat and mouse romance among the Nigerian leaders

   Tell me, how would there be meaningful development when the leaders and authorities are busy strategizing and fighting for power and resource control?





Kidnapping in Nigeria: the questions begging for answers


It’s not in doubt that Nigeria has had her peculiar challenges, just like any other nation anyway. Kidnapping and Insurgence reared its ugly heads in Nigeria in the first quarter of the 21st century.



7 Reasons to Remain Single

husband wife conflict


“Always be prepared to start”,  Joe Montana advices. 

  • If you find it difficult to forgive, maybe you just remain single because you’ll need to forgive a lot in marriage
  • If  you are getting married because of the things you desire or hope to gain from the other person, please have a rethink, so that you dont get disappointed.
  • If you know you can’t be faithful, why defile the institution of marriage?
  • If you can’t endure irritations, then don’t go in yet
  • “All my friends are getting married”; Don’t get married out of desperation. 
  •  If you know you find it difficulty to be submissive (ladies) , please take care of this before going into marriage. You’ll need to be submissive for the sake of order and peace.
  • If you can’t stand being corrected, hmmn, big problem!
  • If your domestic scorecard  is zero (ladies), hmmn, no matter how many servants you have, fix this before going into marriage

Here is the shortlink to this article is :

And do enjoy this video clip by Joel Osteen: Marriage & Lasting Relationships

Why is Israel still Fighting?

Why is Israel still Fighting?

(This is a discussion topic)

  • What’s this fight all about?
  • Could there be a spiritual angle to this war?
  • Whats the Bible viewpoint on this war
  • Will this fight ever end?

Please drop your opinions and comments

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New World of Marketing: the tricks of packaging

English: Photo by R L Sheehan of commercially ...
English: Photo by R L Sheehan of commercially available packages. For Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our  world has gotten canny in the sphere of marketing and packaging. The driving  motive  seems obvious:  “It has to sell”

Come to think of it, there are now experts specially hired to deploy strategies to get any products/offers/services  to sell.

But often times, there is a disconnect between content and package: plastic is made to look like metal; hawk  is named Eagle, vulture sells as chicken, a clerk is told he is an Associate Administrator. (Laughing ?)


In recent times, most job titles  sound so rich, yet NOT far from hollow. Is this deceit or smartness?

*Receptionist is titled, Front Office Executive

*Temporary Teacher is told he’s an Associate Tutor

* a roadside GSM Phone Repairer  says he’s an Engineer

*Watchman is advertised as Manager, Security

* the Typist is a Computer Specialist

*Gardener is a  Landscape Expert

*Garbage Collector :  Dare not call him that!  Rather he’s a Sanitation Officer

… and the list goes on.

What do you think?


Watch Brian Tracy’s tutorial on Marketing  Strategies

Religions of the world – the Shared Values and Teachings

A map of the world, showing the major religion...

What are those values and moral teachings shared by most religions of the world?

(This is a discussion topic. The essence is to highlight by way of discussion,  those beliefs and teachings the religions of the world share in common irrespective of race, colour or ….

Start by stating your Religion and then go ahead to mention some of the key teachings you remember. If possible, please back them up with references to the Holy Books. Someone else will continue from where you stopped and by the time you re-visit, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to learn from others contributions. Let’s go!

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