The Menace of Boko Haram

Do not overlook men who throw stones into the market square,
you never can tell who it may hit

Boko Haram arrests

menace of Boko Haram

Boko Haram killings



Same-Sex marriage: the silent message

If as awkward as it is, that a man will prefer to have sex with another man,

If as unnatural as it is, that a woman will be sexually attracted to another woman,

If as strange as it is, that a man will go into a little girl child instead of a mature woman

Then tell me, if some people’s brain chemicals find sexual attraction in these awkward cases, then what makes you think that there aren’t people who will trip for the natural you, no matter how awkward you think your spec is?  –  small breasts, balloon breasts, skinny legs, fat laps, straight hips, dark lips, flat bums, hairy chest, big head, small nose, whatever!

man-to-man marriage picture

woman to woman marriage picture
gay marriage
unholy marriage


David MacRae: on Corruption in Nigeria

Question: (Punch)

“Do u think Nigeria is winning the battle against corruption?”

Answer: (David MacRae – EU Ambassador)

“Fight against corruption has to continue. One of the solutions is to end impunity. If you ask me, the difference between Nigeria and UK is not that Nigerians are inherently more corrupt than than the British people, not at all. But

English: Seal of the President of Nigeria Cate...
English: Seal of the President of Nigeria Category:National symbols of Nigeria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Why We Lack Good Infrastructure in Nigeria

Take a look at that newspaper frontpage  headline. It conveys two important facts:
  1. the eyesore state of many of Nigeria’s national structures
  2. the cat and mouse romance among the Nigerian leaders

   Tell me, how would there be meaningful development when the leaders and authorities are busy strategizing and fighting for power and resource control?




The Prophetic Side of Orji Uzor Kalu

“Is Saul also among the prophets?” or rather, Is Orji Uzor Kalu also among the prophets?

i weep for Nigeria article

To many, Orji Uzor Kalu is a politician, to some he is a businessman but there is this other aspect of him that is little known. I really was surprised to learn of this myself –  that’s the prophetic side of O.U.K as he’s fondly called by admirers.

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Kidnapping in Nigeria: the questions begging for answers


It’s not in doubt that Nigeria has had her peculiar challenges, just like any other nation anyway. Kidnapping and Insurgence reared its ugly heads in Nigeria in the first quarter of the 21st century.



Signs of the End of Time: refresh your memory

rapture (Photo credit: ChuckHolton)

Now this is the final thing  as written in Matthew 24:14  –  “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”.

Read the full account of the signs of the end time according to Mathew 24

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Nigerians and Fraud: couple jailed in the UK

English: Department for Work and Pensions, Exe...

Increasingly over the years, men have found ways to corrupt things that are otherwise good. Synergy is a positive word but when it is  abused, it can backfire.

A couple Thomas assisted by his partner, Abiola, managed to pocket about £87,000 after submitting almost 2,500 handwritten false claim applications for tax credits and benefits.

According to the story as reported by the DailyMail, Thomas, with Abiola’s help, used stolen personal details to complete these claim forms. When the claims were successful, the pair withdrew cash from acquaintances’ bank accounts or from bogus post office accounts that Thomas, who masterminded the scam, had set up. The report has it that they had claimed £3 million from the Department of Work and Pensions and received £44,000.

How was the fraud uncovered?

The fraud was discovered when benefits staff noticed the same address was being used for multiple claims.
And what does that remind us? The ungoodly man is ensnared by his own mistakes.

What did the couple use the money for?
Twas discovered that the pair spent the money on designer clothing and electrical items including a 50-inch plasma television.

What was the court’s judgement?
Thomas, an illegal immigrant, was jailed for seven years while Abiola, also a Nigerian national with leave to remain in the UK, received two-and-a-half years.
Judge Kennedy also indicated that both Thomas and Abiola should be deported at the end of their prison terms.

The pair, who carried out the scam between January 3, 2007 and October 7, 2011, tried to claim £827,000 from HMRC, securing £43,000.

Meaning they had succeeded for a long time in this “business”.  Anyway, I’m simply reminded of that saying that goes this way: “Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house”  

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